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Living in Buckinghamshire, England - about 40 miles north of London. I retired early from my job as managing director of a medium sized engineering company and now have varied interests including
photography and world travel - mainly to English speaking countries ( I'm not good at languages)

I also like working with computers in order to keep the brain active and, apart from creating my own web sites, I enjoy surfing the net and playing online games such as Cribbage, Dominoes, Poker and Gin rummy in POGO which offers a huge range of games with the chance to chat to folk around the world

Motoring & Motorcycling  (particularly superbikes) are other  interests  and I currently own a Jaguar XJ6 ( the latest  in a succession of this marque which  I have favoured for many years ) and a BMW Z4 2.3i

The 3 litre XJ6 saloon was purchased in June 2005 and the BMW
came along in January 2010   ( Click on photos to enlarge)

I also have a Peugeot 206 as a local run-about and, until mid 2009 I owned a Honda VFR750VF (750cc Vee four) motorcycle which many regard as one of the best sports tourers in the world
It was imported new from France in 1998 and I converted it to UK specification by changing the speedometer to mph and altering the headlamp dipping pattern
Honda VFR
XJ6 Saloon
BMW Z4 Coupe
Other Interests

My Home &  Garden    take up a lot of time and working in the garden is good for summer relaxation
(and exercise )  - At other times I play snooker  - not bad but no 147's yet ( not even a 47 ! )                        

I enjoy eating out and drinking (real ale) in quiet local inns and restaurants, of which there are many
( see  links below)

Occasionaly I re-visit a hobby which goes back to my youth - building radio controlled gliders which I fly at Coombe Hill in the nearby scenic Chiltern Hills which are also very useful for walking my standard poodle - the beautiful Ellie-Mae and her little brother Toffee

New York - Central park
Bali - the Pura Ulun Danu temple
PhotoSig , or (better still )  Photo.Net  - Two excellent photography groups on the Internet 

My contributions to the latter site may  be seen at  http:www.photo.net/photos/Irsteve

I am a past member and would reccomend a local Camera Club which meets at Weston Turville :- Imagez Camera Club

The Three Crowns, Askett Pendley Manor, Tring - very different eating houses but both excellent in their own way

Wendover, Bucks, England - my home town and Hartwell House - another top class establishment nearby

Texas VFR garage - links to other VFR sites  and Insidebikes.com - both great sites for motorcycle fans
  My Photo Album  has lots more photos with links to explore many places around the World  - You might also like -
Ellie-mae  (click photo for movie)   with Toffee                                 Coombe Hill  ...       Ellesborough Church .....and The Chequers  Estate    (click to enlarge)  
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As mentioned above, I am quite keen on photography - Three of my favourite photos are shown below  (click to enlarge)
The Camera-man
( Click here for a slide show )
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